The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Caring And Responsive Educators

Starting the CAREing Conversation

“Students desire authentic relationships in which they are trusted, given responsibility, spoken to honestly and warmly, and treated with dignity and respect. They feel adults inside schools are too busy, don’t understand, or just don’t care about them.”

~ Poplin & Weeres
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Drawing from the momentum garnered by the implementation of a Freshman Transition course, schools can take next steps to provide ongoing support on a school-wide level. The 10-year planning process does not end when your school’s Freshman Transition course concludes. It is important that students revisit and revise their 10-year plans throughout their sophomore, junior and senior years. Educators in all disciplines can play a significant role in making classroom learning relevant to students’ lives and futures. Students will integrate this learning into their own lives and reflect the meaningful decisions they come to in the updating of their plan. The CAREing Conversation serves as a guide to facilitate this critical relationship between educators and students.

Students will: Educators will:

Who Should Attend?

The CAREing Conversations Training is intended for use with educators who will oversee and/or directly participate in the School-Wide Initiative, including but not limited to teachers, administrators, counselors and paraprofessionals.