The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Get Real! - A Reality Project for Teenagers

Get Real! takes teens on a unique journey of self-discovery and life planning infused with research based active reading tools to promote the independent learning skills needed for adult life. For use in virtually any learning environment, with teens grades 8-12, Get Real! offers real solutions to the challenges facing high schools that are working to graduate students ready for 21st century workplace.

Lesson Topics Include:

· Self-discovery and Maturation
· Understanding Beliefs, Hopes and Dreams
· Managing Priorities and Setting Goals
· Definition and Purposes of Education
· Identifying and Building Employability Skills for the 21st Century
· Career and College Planning
· Critical Thinking and Decision
      Making Skills
· Cost of Living and Budgeting
· Challenges of Marriage and Parenting.
Each book comes with FREE access to online video series that teaches foundational learning tools practiced throughout the Get Real! project.

Professional Development:

Get Real! Learning offers two kinds of professional development facilitated by real classroom teachers.

  1. For teachers using the Get Real! project, Get Real! Learning offers a journey through the project, including ‘into’ and wrap-up activities, using the video series, as well as, an array of supplemental materials available on the website.
  2. For ALL teachers at schools implementing Get Real! they offer an engaging workshop called, “If you give a man a fish…” This workshop provides an understanding of their unique video series and its foundational learning tools, which allows all teachers an efficient way to reinforce the concepts and help students use them throughout their high school experience, at all levels, and in all content areas.

Some teachers currently using Get Real!:

Wendy Thigpen :
Rhonda Snover :
Bond Cashmere :

Primary Contact:

Beth B. Decker
915 Brown Street
Martinez, CA