The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Transition Advisory Pathways: Cortez Management

TAP is a program that explores student interests and aptitudes while educating the students and the teaching staff to prepare for the current and emerging workforce. The minimum standard for today’s skilled worker requires 9 to 15 hrs of college credit/equivalent to enter programs for trade apprentice, medical technical licensure and business certifications. All secondary students must prepare for college readiness.An essential component of post secondary readiness begins with Algebra I by the 8th grade, the nationwide gatekeeper. 

Historically, certain students have been “tapped”, mentored and encouraged to reach beyond a minimal standard of achievement. Today’s students must raise their bar of expectations, help parents appreciate the collaborative consequences of the global economy and demand a more relevant education. The TAP Curriculum assists all students in “tapping into their potential” to assure a productive economic future.The curriculum is designed to begin in middle school.

The program has three components: instructional powerpoint workshops to deliver content, math acceleration/remediation software and a student pathways data management system.

To view a workshop sample, Career Identity, click here.

To view a math tutorial video sample, Problem Solving with Discount, click here.

Representative:   Cindy Hyman, Vice President, Cortez Management Corp.