The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Coin: Educational Products

COIN Educational Products – offers students, counselors, teachers, administrators and parents a centralized location to work together on career guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The system includes individual assessments, occupational, education and training resources/planning, standards-aligned curriculum, transition tools and administrative management and reporting capabilities.

COIN products

  1. are used for career and postsecondary exploration and academic planning
  2. emphasize skill development that connects curriculum and job skills

COIN Educational Products has been a provider of comprehensive career and educational information systems since 1978, and actively continues to meet current educational demands.

Professional Development: Regional, district and local training

      Contact:         Sherry Brown, Marketing Consultant
                           COIN Educational Products 6631 Executive Parkway, Suite 302
                           Toledo, OH 43606

      Users:          The South Carolina Occupational Information System
                          Tony Farr, Executive Director

                          Licking County Joint Vocational School District, OH
                          Beth Bronkar, Director  740-366-3352

                          San Bernardino Regional Occupational Center, CA
                          Donna McCoy