The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Success Highways

This research-based, teacher-driven curriculum helps students performing at all levels to achieve success and graduate from high school, in part by building academic resiliency. Developed for students in grades 7 through 10, Success Highways teaches students how to overcome adversity and deal with academic and social pressures, helping them stay in school, score higher on achievement tests, and prepare for future education and adult life.
Starting with an individualized assessment, students begin to explore the connections between their current life and their future. The curriculum continues by weaving together powerful classroom conversations about real issues and guides students to develop their own personal success plans. Combining these ingredients in a classroom setting creates a potent tool for empowering students to see the relevance of education, graduating from high school, and achieving academic and life success.
Professional Development

Included in Success Highways is a half-day of interactive training conducted by an experienced trainer in which staff is introduced to the components of the Success Highways program including teacher and student materials, assessment services, and lessons.
Teachers will:


Steve Weigler, President
2406 W. 32nd Avenue, Suite C
Denver, CO  80201
Current Users:
Joel Smith
Middle School Director
Broward County Schools
(754) 321-0000

Shirley Farnsworth
Director of Extended Learning
Denver Public Schools
(720) 424-8247

Mary Staten
Curriculum Specialist
Milwaukee Public Schools
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