The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Parentís Planner

The Parent’s Plannera portfolio and planner for parents to use to help their child plan for the future.
Research shows that parents are the number one source that children look to in planning their future; they play a critical role in helping their child think about career goals and options and what it takes to achieve them. But many parents are not aware of the many ways they can help their students explore. A highly interactive workshop engages parents in activities that help them talk with their child about the changing world of work and the social and economic trends that are having an impact on today’s rapidly changing workplace. Using the PLANNER encourages parents and their child to discover and use a variety of activities and resources, and to make written plans and set realistic goals about the future. Participation in the highly interactive workshop facilitates parents to learn the process of career planning. Having their own Parent’s Planner helps them organize useful documentation of their child’s achievements and to store helpful career information as they help their child learn to establish a vision of how he or she can become a contributing, economically responsible citizen.

The PARENT’S PLANNER has been used in PTAs, school based parent workshops, housing development centers, One Stop Shops, churches and in business and industry human resources programs. The Workshop Guide (included with each order of 50 Planners) is filled with fun activities that get parents on their feet and actively involved from the minute the PLANNER is introduced. A train-the-trainer model is encouraged for group facilitators.

Professional Development: A four hour train-the-trainer workshop is recommended for leaders who will, in turn, conduct workshop sessions for facilitators in schools, faith-based organizations, housing projects, community centers, and workplaces.

      Contact:                         Sydney S. Sherrod, Ph.D.

      Users:                           Paul Nichols, Assistant Superitnendent for Instruction
                                           Halifax County Public Schools, Halifax, Virginia

                                           Wallace Henry, Assistant Principal
                                           Friendship Charter Schools, Washington, D.C.

                                           Dr. Lois Habytes, Principal
                                           Bertha Boschulte Middle School, St. Thomas, USVI