The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

The Real Game Series

The Real Game Series – When playing the Real Game, participants take on adult roles and experience the realities of adult life in a non-threatening way. As a result of adopting an alternate persona and living in a simulated society, students’ egos are not challenged by the new learning environment. In their roles students make adult decisions including balancing work and leisure time, managing time and money, making educational and training plans, choosing housing and transportation arrangements and dealing with ethical and moral issues.  They experience their roles in families, as part of a community and in businesses, and work together to solve problems and to help each other succeed.  Playing The Real Game improves school climate and decreases absenteeism.

The High Five Principals – Change is Constant, Learning is Ongoing, Focus on the Journey, Follow Your Heart, and Access Your Allies are fundamental. Learning is contextual and linked to the National Career Development Guidelines, the SCANS skills, and the National Standards for School Counseling Programs. Facilitators are able to customize the way they deliver the four units (20 core sessions) in order to best serve the populations with which they work.

Professional Development:  One to two day professional development
sessions are available from certified Real Game Trainers. The Trainer List is maintained on the website and in each state office.

     Contact:                      Phil Jarvis, Vice President Global Partnerships,
                                        National Life/Work Center
                                        Tel: 1-888-533-5683   Email:

     Users:  America’s Career Resource Network (ACRN) liaisons ( are listed on the website. Each can provide users in your state.